Gyration GYM2200 Air Mouse Mobile

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Quick Overview:

The new Gyration Air Mouse Mobile is the perfect mouse to go. Control your PC or Mac laptop away from the desktop using Air Mouse Mobile as your laser travel mouse, or in the air with Gyration's patented in-air motion-sensing technology. Deliver presentations, lectures and Internet browsing sessions from up to 100 feet away with just the wave of you hand.



The sleek and agile Air Mouse Mobile brings the simplicity of motion to off-desktop computing. With the Air Mouse Mobile, your natural hand movements drive powerful spreadsheets from tray tables, word documents in hotel rooms, and boardroom presentations. This great mobile mouse, with its 100' wireless range and integrated laser mouse technology, enables intuitive on- and off-the-desktop computing for business, education and entertainment applications.


  • Air Mouse Mobile works on the desktop, tray table, and in the air.
  • Supporting MotionTools software recognizes your gestures and uses your hand movements to control applications and activate tools for interacting with your content and energize presentations.
  • MotionTools allows you to customize your Air Mouse experience. Use MotionTools to program simple gestures for activating commands, launching applications and much more.
  • Simple, intuitive interface to take complete control of your content and applications from the comfort of your desk or across the room.
  • Long range RF technology that works at a range of up to 100 feet, without line-of-sight limitations.
  • Elegant, ambidextrous design with 3 programmable buttons for customized control of application commands.
  • MotionTools software recognizes your gestures and uses your hand movements to control applications and activate tools for interacting with your content and energize presentations.



  • Motion sensing technology
  • 100 foot wireless range
  • Laser desk mouse
  • Dock-able2.4 GHz USB receiver
  • Mac/Windows compatible
  • Power management controls
  • Configurable buttons
  • Gesture control

Package Contents:

  • Gyration Air Mouse Mobile
  • 2.4 GHz USB receiver (dock-able)
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Downloadable MotionTools software (PC or Mac)


In The Classroom
When it comes to learning more complex concepts and skills, students benefit significantly from multimodal learning in interactive contexts, including: simulations, modeling, collaboration with peers and interacting with a computer. The Air Mouse Mobile makes it easy to engage your students with interactive multimedia lessons. And, since multiple Air Mouse Mobile can connect to one computer, you can distribute them to the class and allow students to better interact with you, each other, and the subject matter.

In The Boardroom
As a communications and presentation tool, the Air Mouse Mobile is unequaled. Simple laser pointers and presentation remotes cannot come close to giving you the level of control and flair that the Air Mouse Mobile can. The Air Mouse Mobile comes with Gyration’s powerful MotionTools software that enables you to deliver more compelling lectures and presentations. MotionTools recognizes your gestures and uses them to control applications and to activate a rich set of tools with which you can interact with your content.

In The Living Room
More than 7 million US households have a personal computer connected to their home television. If you’re living in one of those homes, then the Air Mouse Mobile now gives you a simple and engaging way to search, browse, and navigate the Web or play your digital media content on your TV. The Air Mouse Mobile lets you control and enjoy your PC connected digital entertainment with simple hand gestures from the comfort of your couch.


MotionTools allows you to activate perfect commands to engage your audience and interact with your content. It recognizes simple and natural gestures and uses them to control applications and to activate a rich set of tools and actions from a large library. MotionTools features a rich set of more than 80 tools for controlling your favorite applications, music and videos with simple hand motions. Upgrade your traditional presenter experience and engage your audience.

Turn your mouse cursor into a highlighter, laser pointer, and zoom… Switch to next or previous slide with a side swipe. Customize your Air Mouse to use different motion controls for different applications. Define your own custom gestures for controlling your computer desktop from across the room. Open your living room to the world wide web and media content.

Search, browse and navigate the web from the comfort of your couch. Control your music and video volume with a flick of your wrist. Easily scan your videos by tracing left and right in the air with the mouse.

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